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November 1, 2017
Sometimes, there is a misconception that vintage gear is somehow better than new
equipment-- but that is not true with anything that changes technically.    The hifi companies
have to improve their products constantly, just like computers, telephones, automobiles, and
so on.     It is not the case that older products are better.   In fact, they do not perform as well.

We look at the various stores selling fixed up old hifi gear as being like art galleries, rather
than having stuff that gets you closer to the performance.      Some of the vintage prices are
pretty high-- we heard of someone paying over $1000 for an old turntable with a new
cartridge on it that would not sound as good as a Rega P1 for $445.00.     The price is right
for art (again, the way it looks) but it is too much for how good it actually sounds.

Similar stories occur with amplifiers and speakers.    If you want to
look at an old turntable,
receiver, or speakers-- fine.    If you are getting the equipment to actually
hear and enjoy
music, then you will enjoy it more with new gear-- even new gear that costs less than the
vintage stuff!     Vintage hifi is not like vintage wine, it is more like vintage telephones.    No
one is rushing off to buy an original iPhone, except as a novelty.     If someone enjoys
listening to vintage equipment, that's great-- but there should be no illusion that it is actually
closer to the live performance than the best new equipment, even at the same price.
You want a better sounding
system... but don't want to
make costly mistakes, or get
something unreliable or
disappointing.   Really, you
want the best you can get for
your budget ... your first
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