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June 21, 2018
Bryston at Audio Systems:    We now display the new BP-17Cubed
preamplifier, the superb 4BCubed amplifier, and BDA-2 ($2395) and
Bryston Middle T loudspeakers ($6240 the pair).    
Sonus Faber Chameleons:   now on
display:   The floorstanding model T
($1999 the pair).    Stylish, cheerful, and
very good sound.
Chameleon T with some of the color panels
available.    (Model B also in photo)
Yes, we have Sonos products on display and
in stock!     There are very good reasons why
you should consider Sonos for part or all of
your music sources.     Reliable streaming
digital audio for as low as $349.   Please
come in for a demonstration and find out how
easily it can work in your system.    
NAD D1050, D7050, D3020 digital:   New wireless
digital DAC ($499 w/excellent headphone amp built-in),
fully digital integrated amplifier (same design as NAD
Masters Series for $799) , and a hybrid analog/digital
integrated ($399 with phono).     Look for reviews on
these and go the NAD website for full descriptions.     
Innovative, sonically superior new products from NAD.
New Bryston loudspeakers are here:   
now featuring the Middle T.    Yes, the
electronics company Bryston now has
loudspeakers that are getting very positive
reviews.     Come in for a listen.
Dynaudio introduces a wireless, powered speaker with
built-in DACs (digital to analog converters).   Definitely the
best sound in a space saving format.   Just add a Sonos box
and some sources (wireless from your computer and/or
Blu-ray) and that's the system!   Or, hook up a turntable --
there are four inputs, one of them analog.       Amazing, and
a strong candidate for best sound available for the price.      
You should hear these.   Now showing the new Xeos 20
($2199/pr.)... not much else needed.
Audio Systems
NAD D7050, D3020, D1050
Bryston Middle  T speaker
We display and stock Sonos products
Dynaudio Xeos20 wireless, powered, digital speakers,
shown in both black and white, front and rear
Deezer streaming service sale:   
through affiliates (Audio Systems!), you
can get 12 or 24 months at just $9.99 a
month (with a month free trial to start if
you want).    This is half the normal price.   
Just contact us at the store and we can
send you an email link that will allow you
to sign up.   We use Deezer at the store,
and find that the 40 million tracks (+/-)
cover just about everything you want to
find.     For a limited time only.... but still
Rega's Saturn CD R player:     A fine CD
player.       If this sounds interesting, come
in for a listen.
Audio Systems will be closed May 22 to June 13 for remodeling.
Audio Systems has been sold to a local company (Austin Home Systems). We will be restocking the store with
many of the same product lines as we have carried in the past.    See more details on main page or
consignment page.
Bryston BP17 Cubed preamplifier