Dynaudio Contour 60 now in
store:   includes the Esotar 2
tweeter, previously reserved for
far more expensive Dynaudio
models.    New, improved, look
great.  The Contour 60s are in
walnut, by the way.
You want a better sounding
system... but don't want to
make costly mistakes, or get
something unreliable or
disappointing.   Really, you
want the best you can get
for your budget ... your first
In Texas since 1975
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Austin, Texas 78756
Tues-Fri. 10-7, Sat.10-6
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Tel:  512-451-5736
April 18, 2018
PSB Imagine T3 loudspeakers:  At first you think,
well, it is just a bigger T2 ($3500/pr.) but when you
see and hear the T3 ($7500/pr in gloss cherry or
black), you realize the T3 is quite unlike any PSB
speaker before.   Hand-selected tweeters, individually
tuned bass driver enclosures, and a specially
developed mid driver all add up to really excellent
Bryston at Audio Systems:    We have the 4BCubed at 300 watts-- the
4BCubed is the heart of the amplifier line-- it partners well with the BP-17
preamplifier at $3995.00.  Also, we now display the BDA-2 ($2395) and
BDA-3 ($3495), first rate DACs for transport/computer/Sonos use, and the
BDP-1USB Digital Music Player ($1795), and BDP-2 Digital Music Player
($3295)--and more Bryston products.  Come enjoy the sound.  Yes, there is
still a 20 year factory warranty on Bryston amps!
Sonus Faber Chameleons:   now on
display:   The floorstanding model T
($1999 the pair).    Stylish, cheerful, and
very good sound.
Chameleon T with some of the color panels
available.    (Model B also in photo)
Yes, we have Sonos products on display and
in stock!     There are very good reasons why
you should consider Sonos for part or all of
your music sources.     Reliable streaming
digital audio for as low as $349.   Please
come in for a demonstration and find out how
easily it can work in your system.    
NAD D1050, D7050, D3020 digital:   New wireless
digital DAC ($499 w/excellent headphone amp built-in),
fully digital integrated amplifier (same design as NAD
Masters Series for $799) , and a hybrid analog/digital
integrated ($399 with phono).     Look for reviews on
these and go the NAD website for full descriptions.     
Innovative, sonically superior new products from NAD.
Rega has introduced the new P1
($475) and P2 ($675) turntables,
both advances over the previous
RP1 model, and with modest
price increases.    New tonearms
in both, and many other
improvements.    More great
values from Rega.
New Bryston loudspeakers are here:   
now featuring the Middle T.    Yes, the
electronics company Bryston now has
loudspeakers that are getting very positive
reviews.     Come in for a listen.
Dynaudio introduces a wireless, powered speaker with
built-in DACs (digital to analog converters).   Definitely the
best sound in a space saving format.   Just add a Sonos box
and some sources (wireless from your computer and/or
Blu-ray) and that's the system!   Or, hook up a turntable --
there are four inputs, one of them analog.       Amazing, and
a strong candidate for best sound available for the price.      
You should hear these.   Now showing new Xeos 4
($2399/pr.) (improved new version of Xeos 3) and Xeos 2
($1299/pr. new lower price!)... not much else needed.
Audio Systems
GoldenEar introduces really good sounding
Soundbars ($1000 and $1600), with some nifty
circuitry that gives a wide soundstage and sound
for both movies and music.  Come in for a
demonstration... you will be surprised.   Add the
GoldenEar subwoofer ($499 to $1999) for
excellent music and movie sound.
GoldenEar Soundbar
PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium preamplifier
We now have the new PrimaLuna  Dialogue Premium
preamplifier.    At the demonstrator price, this is a
remarkable value.  
NAD D7050, D3020, D1050
GoldenEar Triton Two+ and Three+, on display and in stock now.    The new
Plus versions of the Two and Three are derived from the T1 flagship of the
GoldenEar range, with improved midrange drivers, more powerful bass
amplifiers, a new, and more costly enclosures, higher quality crossover, etc. etc.   
See the GoldenEar website for more complete descriptions.     Once again, great
speakers for what are comparatively very low prices.
Triton 1s, 2+s, 3+s, and 7s.   
Bryston Middle  T
We display and stock all Sonos products
NAD Masters Series models in store--
the M12 preamplifier and M22 two
channel amplifier.    Both models are first
rate, and in the NAD tradition, really good
values.     Come in today to give them a
Dynaudio Xeos 4 wireless, powered, digital speakers
PSB Imagine T3 speaker
Bryston 4B Cubed Amplifier
Dynaudio Contour speakers
Rega P2 turntable
Deezer streaming service sale:   
through affiliates (Audio Systems!), you
can get 12 or 24 months at just $9.99 a
month (with a month free trial to start if
you want).    This is half the normal price.   
Just contact us at the store and we can
send you an email link that will allow you
to sign up.   We use Deezer at the store,
and find that the 40 million tracks (+/-)
cover just about everything you want to
find.     For a limited time only.... but still
The products listed are still available-- but please call before
making a trip for a specific item.    
Rega's Saturn CD R player:     A fine CD
player (maybe your last!).    Currently on
sale for $1799, compared to the retail price
of $2995.00.    If this sounds interesting, do
not delay, since we have only one.   Full
factory warranty, packaging, etc.