You want a better sounding
system... but don't want to
make costly mistakes, or get
something unreliable or
disappointing.   Really, you
want the best you can get
for your budget ... your first
In Texas since 1975
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We think most people want the most for their money-- in audio, that means

a) the closest to the original performance, b) for the amount of money spent, c) with a
product and company that are reliable.    

That may sound boring, but the results are not!  

Listening to music and movies is fun, and much more fun when the music and movies
sound better.   Checking out the best products, making sure that they will give long
lasting enjoyment, and then assembling systems that give the very best performance
together-- that's what we do.

Of course, the best value also means dealing with folks that are going to be around
longer than their warranty-- and have a good attitude about servicing the
customers.    These are the people we want to deal with, too.

So, great products in great systems.    Now, you just need to bring in your music (or
just yourself) and see how much fun you can have.
What we do, and why it helps you
Starting in Houston in 1975, and then in Austin since 1988, we have invariably
looked for the best values in audio.
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What we do, and how it
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July 13, 2017