You want a better sounding
system... but don't want to
make costly mistakes, or get
something unreliable or
disappointing.   Really, you
want the best you can get
for your budget ... your first
In Texas since 1975
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Need installation?  

No matter what you need for audio or video installation, in one room or throughout the
house-- we can provide the highest quality workmanship, done on time, and within an
agreed budget.  
We use and recommend two of the most reliable, and knowledgeable, installation
companies in the Austin area:   
E Media and Off the Wall.    Both companies are run by
folks that we have known and worked with since 1982.    

While we do not sell video screens, we can get them and the companies above will install
them with the audio systems (for movies, too!) that we do carry.    

To talk over your installation needs, please call us at
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