You want a better sounding
system... but don't want to
make costly mistakes, or
get something unreliable or
disappointing.   Really, you
want the best you can get
for your budget ... your first
In Texas since 1975
Peachtree DAC-IT X
NAD C516BEE CD player, demo units, great to use as player or tranport
Martin Logan Stage X center channel speaker
Clearance Center and Consignment:
Updated: 9/21/2018
Mistral LFD Phono stage (UK) moving magnet and moving coil
Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6-B music streamer, black
Audio Research LS15 preamplifier
Monitor Audio Silver RS-1 speakers, pair
NAD C515BEE CD player
PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport, black
B&W SCM 8 rear speakers, black pair
NAD S200 power amplifier, silver, 200 watts per channel
Rega Brio R, integrated amplifier, remote
All equipment is open box unless listed otherwise, and includes box, full packing, manuals, and
warranty.   Please call before coming in to make sure product is still available.
Rules for buying and selling are below the list of consignment items.  Please call
before coming in to make sure product is still available.
How it works:
You can listen to the items at the store to make sure they work.  Then, you have until the next business day to decide if the item is satisfactory. If the item
doesn't please you, you may return it for a refund.  (If you pick up the item on Saturday, you have until Tuesday to return it, since Audio Systems is not open
on Sunday or Monday.)
If an item is kept beyond the end of the next business day, it may not be returned, since we will have already paid the owner.
All consignment items are sold without warranty.  Clearance center items have full factory warranty, unless otherwise stated.
If you are selling an item on consignment:
For all units consigned after 2/21/2018:  Audio Systems receives a commission of 30% for items sold, if we sold the item initially, or you are buying
something directly connected with the consignment sale .   An example:   bringing in an amplifier we did not sell as part of an upgrade to a different
amplifier that we just sold you.   This would qualify for a 30% rate.   Items that we did not sell, and are not connected directly with a purchase, are
charged a 40% commission.    We will display the unit in the store with the price indicated, put it on our consignment web page, and demonstrate that
the unit works for those interested. As noted above, the purchaser may bring the unit back, complete, if it is not satisfactory. For this reason, we will not
notify you of the sale until the start of the second business day.
Items should be priced realistically, so that the price posted will be the price accepted. Units not sold after 60 days may be returned to seller.
We reserve the right not to accept items for consignment. We will not accept broken, or non-functioning items for consignment.
If you are buying:
Generally, the refund will be 100% of what you paid, unless there has been damage done to the item, or something that was with the item when you took
it has disappeared.
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Austin, Texas 78756
Tel:  512-451-5736
September 21, 2018
Audio Systems
Tues-Fri. 11-6, Sat.11-6
Closed Sundays, Mondays
Audio Systems will continue...

Audio Systems has been sold to a local company (Austin Home Systems), that already has some
overlap in the lines we represent.     We will be restocking the store with many of the same product
lines as we have carried in the past.

Since Austin Home Systems is Home Theater, Smart Homes, and Luxury Automation there will be
new products and areas with those features. Of course, there will also be dedicated sound rooms
with the Audio Systems product offerings.     Thanks, as always, for your support.
Note new store hours:   Opening every day at 11am, closing at 6pm    Tuesday through
Saturday.   Still closed Sundays and Mondays.